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We are your local go-to for Modern inflatable’s, bounce house’s, water slides, concesisons, backdrops and baloon garlands.

Bounce Around Princeton


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What makes us different

Texas approved

The state of Texas requires Bounce house companies to have their units inspected yearly as well as carry Insurance. Bounce Around Princeton is fully compliant. We take pride in providing quality rentals at an affordable price.

We Provide the fun.
you provide the:

The Space

Whether it's your backyard, a venue, or any location of your choice. Please ensure the area is flat and free of debris. Grassy area is recomended, we can set up in doors and on pavement as well. Please indicate which surface area at time of booking

The Power

Our rentals are designed to plug into standard power outlets. We will supply 25ft electric cord as well as 25ft water hose for water inflatables.

The Party

We'll ensure that your event is a roaring success, filled with laughter, joy, and unforgettable memories.

3-Step Clean

Keeping Your Family Safe!

clean shield Inventory
We honor and value your trust in our service and equipment. We are dedicated to providing our customers with properly cleaned and sanitized rentals each and every time.

Step 1

brush dust Inventory

All Dust, Dirt, & Debris

Step 2

sanitize Inventory

Deep Clean Unit
with Cleaner & Sanitizer

Step 3

ready fun Inventory

Clean, Sanitized &
Ready for Fun!

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Bounce Around Princeton
serving Princeton, texas and surrounding areas

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